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Submission Guidelines

We ask you send fully-developed manuscripts by email only.  Proposals with the following elements will be considered for publication:

  • A cover letter briefly outlining your project, the intended audience (including age ranges), and your relevant expertise, if applicable.

  • A market analysis which should provide list of similar titles with publication dates and sales (if possible) and a detailed explanation of how your title differs from available similar titles.  

  • Bracketed art suggestions are appreciated; illustration samples should not be sent unless professionally competent.

  • A description of your personal promotion plans for the proposed book (including both in-person and social media outreach)

As you prepare a proposal, please keep in mind a few of our main considerations:

  • What is the purpose of your story?  Who will want to read it?

  • Quality: Is the project well written and thoroughly researched?

  • Silver Bullet: What is the one thing that sets your story apart from similar available titles?

Finally, please type “Manuscript for Review” in the subject line and email your manuscript proposals to:


  • Please allow 7-10 days for my reply; I will get back to you!