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Mother beach Coming Spring 2020

Mother Beach invites readers to follow along as the narrator visits an ‘old friend’ and finds colorful pieces of sea glass in the sand.  Spotting treasures to the cadence of the rhyming narrative, readers are immersed in the beloved pastime of hunting beach glass. Young listeners will get a charge out of spying the extra critters and colorful pieces tucked within the beach scape. The narrator’s graceful journey is portrayed within watercolor illustrations, providing a timeless tale to be enjoyed by readers of all ages.  Mother Beach speaks to anyone who has ever wandered a beach and communed with its natural beauty and hidden treasures. 

Understanding Sam & Asperger Syndrome


  Ages 5+  Understanding Sam and Asperger Syndrome gives readers a glimpse into the life of Sam, an undiagnosed child. There is something about Sam that causes him to behave differently than other children, making him an easy target for bullying at school. One evening, without telling anyone, Sam and his dog, Oscar, leave home to visit the fair. This is a defining moment for his worried parents, who decide that very night that it is time to see the doctor. His parents are told that Sam has a form of Autism called Asperger Syndrome. Once he is diagnosed, life becomes a little easier for Sam and his family. 

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Roaring, Boring ALice (A story of the Aurora Borealis)


Ages 4+  Scientists agree that solar winds cause the aurora borealis. Roaring, Boring Alice (A Story of the Aurora Borealis) suggests a less scientific reason for those spectacular lights. Told by a little mouse in the house, this rhyming story introduces ungrateful Alice, whose voice changes into the Northern Lights. She is visited by a strange little person who gives her a choice… all she has to do is be nice and her voice will return…


roaring, Boring Alice... the musical


Commissioned by the South Park Theatre, Roaring, Boring Alice The Musical,  debuted August 1, 2010.  It was a collaboration between Erie-area Patricia Merski, playwright (song lyrics) 

and classical Piano Instructor, Natalya Martirosorova (music).  The play follows the original story line of children's picture book, Roaring, Boring Alice (A Story of the Aurora Borealis),

 with several additional scenes.  It features seven (7) colors-of-the-spectrum characters, which act out Alice's emotional voice and behavior.  Mouse, the narrator, provides comic relief and interacts with the audience.  Feel free to email  patricia@skeezelpress.com for more information.