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Frequently Asked...

DO I need to have my manuscript professionally edited?

Yes!  If not by a professional person, try one of the many online products available to check such things as grammar, spelling, sentence structure and readability. If possible, attach a report.

How many pages is a typical children's picture book?

A typical children's picture book is 32 pages of text.  While there is no set amount, about 450 words is a good working length.  Do not paginate your story.  If selected, our professional staff manages that.

How do I know the reading level of my story?

This is not required; however, you could use one of the online products to check the readability and grade level of your story.  It can be very helpful.

Should I attach illustrations?

No; however, bracketed illustration notes are appreciated!

What is the age range for a children's picture book

Typically, 4-8 years old, or Kindergarten through 2nd grade.