Skeezel Press

Publisher of Stories

Based in Erie PA, Skeezel Press started in 2004 when founder Patricia Merski expanded her wings beyond ‘housewife and mother extraordinaire’ to author and publisher, with the creation of a single title, Roaring Boring Alice (A Story of the Aurora Borealis). 

Roaring Boring Alice Illustration
Illustration by Mark Weber from 'Roaring, Boring Alice (A story of the Aurora Borealis)'

We produce one or two books at a time, within a framework that is somewhere between a traditional and hybrid publishing model as defined by the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA). We adhere to industry standards in all aspects of the publishing process, from manuscript selection and editing, to illustration development and professional design. 

Skeezel Press was established in 2004 in Erie, PA on the shores of Lake Erie. We are known for our unusual story lines. Our books are characterized by innovative thinking and exquisite illustrations that appeal to young and old, from all walks of life.